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Hurricane Rick strengthens to a Category 5 storm

The storm attained Category 5 status on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale. Several hours later, Rick attained its peak intensity as the third-strongest Pacific hurricane on record with winds of 180 mph and a barometric pressure of 906 mbar.

Karsaz bombing

In Karachi, Pakistan, a suicide bomber attacked a motorcade carrying a former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who was back in her country after several years of exile. Bhutto survived the attack, but 180 other people died. Approximately 500 more people were injured.

Pipeline explosions kills 700 in Nigeria

The oil pipeline explosion occurred in the community of Jesse in Nigeria. The exact cause of the explosion remains unknown. The pipeline explosion incinerated hundreds of people. Others died from burn injuries. The fire burned so hot that rescue workers could not approach the scene for six days.

Basel earthquake

The 1356 Basel earthquake is the most significant seismological event to have occurred in Central Europe in recorded history and had a moment magnitude in the range of 6.0–7.1. This earthquake is also known as the Séisme de la Saint-Luc, as 18 October is the feast day of Saint Luke the Evangelist.