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Samsung starts building what it calls the world’s biggest vessel

Subsidiary of Samsung, South Korean multinational conglomerate, built the floating liquefied natural gas platform. The platform weights 600,000 tonnes and in 2017 the it has begun its journey to the North West. The facility has the capacity to process and offload about 3.6 million tonnes of LNG.

East Germany's head of state resigns

East Germany's head of state Erich Honecker refused all changes to the East German political system and was consequently forced to resign by his party as the Communist regime sought to retain its power. He was succeeded by Egon Krenz.

NES and R.O.B are launched for a limited test market in the US

Nintendo seeded these first systems to limited American test markets starting in New York City in October 1985. Nintendo released 17 launch titles: 10-Yard Fight, Baseball, Clu Clu Land, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Golf, Gyromite, Hogan’s Alley, Ice Climber, Kung Fu, Pinball, Soccer, Stack-Up, Tennis, Wild Gunman, Wrecking Crew, and Super Mario Bros.

The British Broadcasting Company is founded

The British Broadcasting Company was originally established as a private consortium of radio manufacturers to secure the first broadcasting license in the UK. Daily broadcasting by the BBC began in Marconi’s London studio – 2LO.

U.S. takes control of Puerto Rico

During the Spanish–American War, Puerto Rico was invaded and subsequently became a possession of the United States. The first years of the 20th century were marked by the struggle to obtain greater democratic rights from the United States. The political status of Puerto Rico, a Commonwealth controlled by the United States, remains an anomaly.

The first U.S. long distance telephone is opened

AT&T built an interconnected long-distance telephone network that connected New York and Chicago. The phone line could handle only one call at a time. The price was set to $9 for 5 minutes. The very first call was made by Alexander Graham Bell for opening ceremony.

U.S. takes possession of Alaska

The U.S. formally takes possession of Alaska after purchasing the territory from Russia for $7.2 million. Russia wanted to sell its Alaska territory to the U.S. rather than risk losing it in battle with a rival such as Great Britain.

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