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Yilan train derailment

In 2018, a passenger train derailed in Yilan County, Taiwan, at least 18 people were killed in the accident, with another 187 injured, all on board. According to reports, one of the injured was a United States citizen. It was Taiwan's worst rail accident since a collision near Miaoli in 1991 killed 30 people.

Major cyber attack across Europe and the US

The Dyn cyberattack involved multiple distributed denial-of-service attacks targeting systems operated by Domain Name System provider Dyn causing major Internet platforms to be unavailable to users in Europe and North America. The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Anonymous and New World Hackers.

BAT launches a bid to buy rival Raynolds

British American tobacco offered to buy the remaining 57.8 percent of U.S. cigarette maker Reynolds American in a $47 billion takeover, which would create the world's biggest tobacco company including brands such as Newport, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall.

Last Leonard Cohen's album is released

You Want It Darker is the fourteenth and final studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, released in 2016, by Columbia Records, 19 days before Cohen's death. The album was created towards the end of his life and focuses on death, God, and humor.

Eséka train derailment

In 2016, a Camrail inter-city passenger train travelling from Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé, to its largest city, Douala, derailed in Eséka, Centre Region. The official number of casualties reached 79 dead, with 550 injured. It was the deadliest rail accident on the African continent since the August 2007 Benaleka train accident.

Marty McFly arrives in our 'future'

Famous protagonist Marty McFly from Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future portrayed by Michael J. Fox arrived on this day from the year 1985 to find out that he needs to decline his school rivals racing challenge which, if accepted, would cause him a serious injury which would ruin his life.

The world premiere of 'First Daughter Suite'

First Daughter Suite is a chamber musical with music, lyrics, and book by Michael John LaChiusa. A continuation of his 1993 musical First Lady Suite, First Daughter Suite is composed of f4 narrative segments, each centered on the mothers and daughters of political families in US history.

The biggest corporate fine ever

The Justice Department announced that JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay $13 billion to settle investigations into its business practices pertaining to mortgage-backed securities. Of that amount, $9 billion was penalties and fines and the remaining $4 billion was consumer relief. This was the largest corporate settlement to date.

Azana Spa shootings

In 2012, a mass shooting occurred at the Azana Spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. Four people, including the shooter by suicide, died in the incident; four others were injured. The shooter was identified as 45-year-old Radcliffe Franklin Haughton, the estranged husband of a spa worker killed in the shooting.

'Lombardi' opens at Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre

Lombardi officially premiered on Broadway at the Circle in the Square Theatre after previews beginning in September. This production was produced by Tony Ponturo and Fran Kirmser. Lombardi closed in 2011, after 30 previews and 244 performances.

New dwarf planet is photographed

Astronomers took first pictures of the dwarf planet Eris. She belongs to the trans-neptunians, the minor planets in Solar System that orbits the Sun at a greater average distance than Neptune. Eris is 16th most massive object in the Solar System and has one known moon. Astronomers originally called her Xena.

Benefit concert 'United We Stand' is held

United We Stand: What More Can I give was a benefit concert held in tribute to the victims of the September 11 attacks led by Michael Jackson. A half-day-long concert included musicians such as Mariah Carey, James Brown, Britney Spears, Pink, Backstreet Boys, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

Musical 'Saturday Night Fever' opens on Broadway

After 27 previews, the Broadway production of Saturday night fever, with Phillips directing, opened at the Minskoff Theatre, where it ran for 501 performances. The cast included James Carpinello as Tony and Paige Price as Stephanie, with Orfeh as Annette, Paul Castree as Bobby C., and Bryan Batt as DJ Monty.

'Candle In The Wind' is the biggest selling single of all time

"Candle in the Wind 1997" is a song by Bernie Taupin and Elton John, a re-written and re-recorded version of their 1974 song "Candle in the Wind". It was released as a tribute single to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, with the global proceeds from the song going towards Diana's charities.

Madonna releases a coffee table book called 'Sex'

Sex by Madonna, who wrote the book as a character named Mistress Dita, contains photographs by Steven Meisel Studio and film frames shot by Fabien Baron. The photos were taken in New York City and Miami, including locations from hotels and burlesque theaters to streets.

Matt Damon makes his debut in 'Mystic Pizza'

Mystic Pizza is an American coming-of-age film directed by Donald Petrie and starring Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts, and Lili Taylor. The film has gained a large cult following since its release and has received relatively positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances by the three lead actresses. It marked Matt Damon's film debut.

Bubble boy marrow transplant

Physicians transplanted the bone marrow to David Vetter. He suffered of severe combined immunodeficiency. His immune system was so weak that he had to live in a plastic bubble. Transplanted marrow was from David's sister. It was not rejected but David died on lymphatic cancer approximately a year later. He was only 12.

The strange disappearance of Frederick Valentich

Valentich disappeared while on a 125-nautical-mile training flight in a Cessna 182L light aircraft registered VH-SDJ, over Bass Strait in 1978. He informed Melbourne air traffic control he was being accompanied by an aircraft about 1,000 feet above him and that his engine had begun running roughly, before finally reporting, "It's not an aircraft."


Carlton Fisk hits a home run off the left-field pole

During Game 6 of the World Series, Carlton Fisk made his way to first base while jumping and waving the ball fair, which changed the way baseball was televised, as the cameramen started to focus more on the players themselves and not only the ball.

Nearly 100,000 people protest the war in Vietnam

The March on the Pentagon to Confront the War Makers was organized by National Mobe, which resulted in 100,000 persons being at the Lincoln Memorial on the D.C. Mall and about 35,000 going on to the Pentagon. The event was described in a novel The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer.

Lulu starts a five-week run at #1 on the US singles chart

"To Sir with Love" is the theme from James Clavell's 1967 film To Sir, with Love. The song was written by Don Black and Mark London, husband of Lulu's longtime manager Marion Massey. Mickie Most produced the record, with Mike Leander arranging and conducting. In her recording, Lulu makes notable use of melisma.

Musical 'My Fair Lady' opens in New York

My Fair Lady is a 1964 American musical drama film adapted from the Lerner and Loewe eponymous stage musical based on the 1913 stage play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. With a screenplay by Alan Jay Lerner and directed by George Cukor, the film stars Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle and Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins.

The city of Aachen falls to American forces

The Battle of Aachen was a major combat action of World War II, fought by American and German forces in and around Aachen, Germany, in 1944. It was one of the largest urban battles fought by U.S. forces in World War II, and the first city on German soil to be captured by the Allies.

Ernest Hemingway novel 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' is published

For Whom the Bell Tolls is a novel by Ernest Hemingway published in 1940. It tells the story of Robert Jordan, a young American volunteer attached to a Republican guerrilla unit during the Spanish Civil War. As a dynamiter, he is assigned to blow up a bridge during an attack on the city of Segovia.


The first person goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel

Annie Edson Taylor was an American schoolteacher who, on her 63rd birthday, became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Her motives were financial but she never made much money from her adventure.

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