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Interstate 10 tour bus crashes

The 2016 Interstate 10 tour bus crash was a vehicle accident that occurred on Interstate 10 in California when a tour bus collided with the back of a semi-trailer truck. The accident killed 13 and injured 31 others.

Hurricane Patricia

Extremely low atmospheric pressure combined with low pressure near the pacific coast of Central America developed a hurricane, which peaked at its intensity when it struck Mexico and Texas. The highest wind speed measured reached 345 km/h and the damages were around $462.8 million. The hurricane claimed lives of 8 people.

Van earthquakes occurred in eastern Turkey

The Van earthquake had a moment magnitude of 7.1 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII. It caused a great damage in the region, such as destroying many inhabited buildings, taking lives of 604 people and injuring 4,152. Two weeks later, another earthquake within the same earthquake system occurred in the region.

Moscow theater hostage crisis

The Moscow theater hostage crisis was the seizure of a crowded Dubrovka Theater by 40 to 50 armed Chechens on 23 October 2002 that involved 850 hostages and ended with the death of at least 170 people. The attackers, led by Movsar Barayev, claimed allegiance to the Islamist separatist movement in Chechnya. They demanded the withdrawal of Russian forces from Chechnya and an end to the Second Chechen War.

Gas leak kills 23 at plastics factory

Gas leaks which originated at the Phillips 66 factory, led to a destructive series of explosions and fire that killed 23 employees and injured 314 more. The explosion was identical to an earthquake registering 3.5 on the Richter scale. In addition, the explosion caused $715.5 million damage.

U.S. Embassy in Beirut is hit by a massive car bomb

The 1983 Beirut barracks bombing was a terrorist attack that occurred on October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon, during the Lebanese Civil War. Two truck bombs struck buildings housing Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF) peacekeepers, specifically against United States and French service members, killing 241 U.S. and 58 French peacekeepers, 6 civilians and the 2 suicide attackers. A group called Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombings and said that the attacks were to get the MNF out of Lebanon.