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Microsoft releases Windows XP

Windows XP introduced a significantly redesigned graphical user interface and was the 1st version of Windows to use product activation in order to reduce its copyright infringement. During its 1st five years at least 400 million copies were sold globally.

1983 Invasion of Grenada

The Reagan Administration decided to launch a military intervention because the government of Grenada was in chaos, many Americans in Grenada were in danger and nearby governments requested help. Reagan was also concerned that Cuba and the Soviet Union were establishing a military foothold in Grenada. The invasion resulted in a U.S. victory within a matter of weeks.

The U.N. seats the People’s Republic of China and expels Taiwan

In a historic reversal, America’s U.N. representatives voted to seat the People’s Republic of China as a permanent member. Taiwan was expelled. The reason for the change of heart was that the U.S. was in great need of China's help politically.

First kamikaze attack of World War II

Kamikaze were suicide attacks by Japanese aviators against Allied vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign. They were used to destroy vessels more effectively than was possible with conventional attacks. Japan was losing the war but refused to surrender, which led to the use of kamikaze tactics.

Benjamin O. Davis Sr.becomes the first African American general

In 1937, Davis returned to Wilberforce University as professor of military science and tactics. He was assigned to the 369th Regiment, New York National Guard, during the summer of 1938, and took command of the regiment a short time later. Davis was promoted to brigadier general in 1940, becoming the first African-American general in the U.S. Army.

Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sign a treaty of cooperation

The first step to establish the Axis powers was the treaty signed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The second step was the Anti-Comintern Pact between Germany and Japan.

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