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The global population of humans reaches seven billion

A former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gave a speech on this milestone and promoted the website 7 Billion Actions. Although some groups proposed candidates for a symbolic seven billionth baby, Ban Ki-moon did not choose any.

Christians admit mistake

The Vatican released statement that Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei was right in saying that Earth orbits the Sun. In 1633 the church forced Galileo to repel under the threat of torture and sentenced him to home arrest until death. Galileo used this arrest to write one of his most famous books, Two New Sciences.

Dunlop’s great idea

Scottish veterinary surgeon John Dunlop patented his pneumatic tires. He had a son whom a doctor recommended to ride a tricycle. Dunlop did not want his son to ride on bumping bare metal wheels. So he put a rubber tube on it. Unbeknown to Dunlop, the same device was already patented by Robert William Thomson.

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