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BlizzCon starts

BlizzCon is an epic celebration of Blizzard Entertainment's games, esports, and the communities that bring them to life. This year is the 12th BlizzCon. The convention features game-related announcements, previews of upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games and content, Q&A sessions and panels, costume contests and playable versions of various Blizzard games.

"The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" premieres

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a 2018 American fantasy adventure film directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston and written by Ashleigh Powell and Tom McCarthy. It is a retelling of E. T. A. Hoffmann's short story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" and Marius Petipa's The Nutcracker Ballet, about a young girl who finds a Nutcracker doll among the family's gifts.


Canadiens break record with two goals in two seconds

The first record-breaking goal was a heartbreaker for Washington. Max Domi skated the puck down the wing and ripped a shot off Braden Holtby’s glove and into the net. Two seconds later, Nicklas Backstrom won the faceoff, but Canadiens forward Joel Armia stepped in front of Lars Eller and scored the empty-net goal.

"House of Cards" returns for a 6th season

The 6th and final season of the American political drama web television series House of Cards was confirmed by Netflix in 2017, and is scheduled to be released. Unlike previous seasons that consisted of 13 episodes each, the 6th season will consist of only 8. The season will not include former lead actor Kevin Spacey, who was fired from the show due to sexual misconduct allegations.

"Boy Erased" is released in the US

Boy Erased is a 2018 American-Australian coming-of-age drama film based on Garrard Conley's 2016 memoir of the same name. It is written for the screen and directed by Joel Edgerton, who also produces with Kerry Kohansky Roberts and Steve Golin.

"Homecoming" is released on Amazon

Homecoming is an American psychological thriller web television series, based on the podcast of the same name created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, that is set to premiere on Amazon Video. The series was developed by Sam Esmail who also serves as director and executive producer.

"Murder on the Orient Express" premieres

Murder on the Orient Express is a mystery thriller film directed by Kenneth Branagh with a screenplay by Michael Green, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Agatha Christie. The film is the 4th screen adaptation of Christie's novel. The plot follows Poirot, a world-renowned detective, as he seeks to solve a murder on the famous trans-European train in the 1930s.


The first Cubs series win in 108 years

The Chicago Cubs were the first team to come back from a three-games-to-one deficit since the Kansas City Royals in 1985. Two days later, the city of Chicago held a victory parade and rally for the Cubs that began at Wrigley Field, headed down Lake Shore Drive, and ended in Grant Park.

"My Love Letter to Broadway" opens

Kristin Chenoweth: My Love Letter to Broadway is a musical revue, written for and starring American singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth. The show was directed by Richard Jay-Alexander, with musical direction by Mary Mitchell Campbell, and produced by James L. Nederlander. The show was a limited engagement of 12 performances at Broadway's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

"Grey Gardens" opens on Broadway

The show opened, with revisions, on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre and closed after 307 performances and 33 previews. The production was nominated for 10 Tony Awards in 2007, winning three, including awards for both Ebersole and Wilson in leading and featured actress categories, respectively.

George W. Bush is elected to a second term

Bush and incumbent Vice President Dick Cheney were renominated by their party with no difficulty. Former Governor Howard Dean emerged as the early front-runner in the Democratic primaries, but Kerry won the first set of primaries and clinched his party's nomination in March after a series of primary victories.

Gang is arrested over plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham

Four men and a woman were arrested after an alleged £5 million plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham. The plot was discovered after 2 reporters from the News of The World infiltrated the gang. However, all charges were dropped after a witness was considered unreliable.

The first ISS crew

Russian spacecraft Soyuz TM-31 delivered the first crew to the ISS, William Shepherd, Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko. They stayed for 136 days. Their main job was unpacking equipment and activating systems on board. They hosted space shuttle crews three times and received cargo in unmanned Progress resupply spacecraft.

"Barrymore" closes at Music Box Theater NYC

Barrymore was a two-person play by William Luce which depicts John Barrymore a few months before his death. Directed by Gene Saks, Christopher Plummer played Barrymore, and won the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play.


Woman who brokes the gender barrier in baseball dies

Toni Stone, born as Marcenia Lyle Stone, was the first of three women to play professional baseball as a part of the Negro League. Stone was the first female player in the Negro Leagues, and she was not met with open arms. Toni died 75 years old at a nursing home in Alameda, California.

First test flight of A330

Airbus A330 is the best-selling long-range aircraft produced by Airbus. Weighing 181,840 kg (401,000 lb), including 20,980 kg (46,300 lb) of test equipment, the A330 became the biggest twinjet to have flown, until the later first flight of the Boeing 777. The flight lasted five hours and fifteen minutes during which speed, height, and other flight configurations were tested.

Computer worm

Cornell University student Robert T. Morris launched his first computer worm. It infected thousands of computers. Morris claimed, that the worm was designed for research purposes: to measure the size of the internet. He was, however, sentenced to three year probation, 400 hours of community service, and a fine.

The Rev Marvin Gaye Sr. is sentenced to five years in prison

The Rev Marvin Gaye Sr. shot and killed his son after he intervened in an argument between him and his wife. Because of Marvin's Gay Sr. health conditions and injuries he got from his final fight with his son, he was given just a six-year suspended sentence and five years' probation for the shooting.

MLK federal holiday is declared

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an American federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. and is observed on the third Monday of January each year. King was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, where he promoted principles of nonviolence and civil disobedience.

American rapper Nelly is born

In 1993, Nelly started his music career with Midwest hip hop group St. Lunatics. In 1999, he signed a contract with Universal Records, where he began his solo career with his debut album Country Grammar. He won 2 Grammy Awards and starred in the film The Longest Yard along Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

"Sugar Sugar" becomes the longest running one hit in the UK

Sugar, Sugar is a song written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim, originally recorded by the Archies. The song is considered to be the most produced recording ever, as the breakfast cereal company Post Cereal placed millions of the records on the back of their cereal boxes.

American actor David Schwimmer is born

David Lawrence Schwimmer is an American actor, director, activist, and producer. Schwimmer began his acting career performing in school plays at Beverly Hills High School. He gained worldwide recognition for playing Ross Geller in the sitcom Friends, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1995.

George Bernard Shaw dies

In the final decade of his life, he made fewer public statements, but continued to write prolifically until shortly before his death, aged 94, having refused all-state honors, including the Order of Merit in 1946. Since Shaw's death scholarly and critical opinion has varied about his works, but he has regularly been rated as second only to Shakespeare among British dramatists.

Dupont introduces synthetic rubber

Several studies published a year before led in 1931 to one of the first successful synthetic rubbers, known as neoprene, which was developed by DuPont under the direction of E.K. Bolton. Neoprene is highly resistant to heat and chemicals such as oil and gasoline, and is used in fuel hoses and as an insulating material in machinery.

Haile Selassie becomes the Emperor of Ethiopia

With the passing of Zewditu, Tafari himself rose to emperor and was proclaimed Neguse Negest ze-'Ityopp'ya, "King of Kings of Ethiopia". He was crowned at Addis Ababa's Cathedral of St. George. The coronation was by all accounts a most splendid affair, and it was attended by royals and dignitaries from all over the world.


Cheerleading is invented

Cheerleading originated in the United States, and remains predominantly in America, with an estimated 1.5 million participants in all-star cheerleading. The global presentation of cheerleading was led by the 1997 broadcast of ESPN's International cheerleading competition, and the worldwide release of the 2000 film Bring It On.

Modern day Copernicus is born

American astronomer Harlow Shapley was born. He measured the size of Milky Way Galaxy using the signal of variable stars. After that he calculated the position of the Sun within it. Shapley also described a belt around a star, in which liquid water (and therefore life as we know it) can exist. Today this belt is called the habitable zone.

Founder of modern algebra is born

English mathematician and philosopher George Boole was born. He made many contributions to mathematics and especially logic. Most famous is the Boolean algebra. It is a study of variables which have just two values: true or false. These variables are very useful in programming and are called Boolean today.

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