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"Outlander" returns for a 4th season

Outlander’s 4th season will mostly be based on Diana Gabaldon’s fourth novel in the series, The Drums of Autumn. The book sees Claire and Jamie facing new challenges as they attempt to build a new life for themselves in the American colonies.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is released

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It is the 13th primary installment in the Call of Duty series and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game received generally positive reviews upon release, critics praised the single-player campaign.

Netflix launches "The Crown"

The Crown is a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Claire Foy portrays the Queen in the first two seasons, alongside Matt Smith as Prince Philip and Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. The series has received overwhelmingly positive reception.

"Mockingjay – Part 2" premieres in Berlin

Internationally, the movie was released day-and-date across 87 countries, starting in certain markets like Belgium, Brazil, France, and the Netherlands and continued in Australia, Germany, Russia, Italy, and the United Kingdom, followed by China, Mexico, Japan, the US, Canada, and 19 other markets.

Japan Post made its debut on Tokyo Stock Exchange

Shares of Japan Post surged nearly 26 percent in their trading debut after the company and its banking and insurance units raised a combined 1.44 trillion yen ($11.9 billion) in the world's biggest initial public offering this year. It was the biggest sale of shares since Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings raised $25 billion in 2014.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released

Advanced Warfare was released one day earlier to customers who purchased the Day Zero Edition. This version featured double XP for the first day and two exclusive guns, as well as access to exclusive weapons and an Exo Skeleton suit. A 1-terabyte Xbox One console bundle with a Sentinel Task Force-inspired hardware design.

"The Muppets" premieres at Savannah Film Festival

The Muppets premiered at the Savannah Film Festival and was released theatrically in North America. The film was a critical and commercial success; grossing $165 million worldwide and garnering praise for its humor, screenplay, and music. The film won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for McKenzie's "Man or Muppet", as well as garnering BAFTA and Critic's Choice Awards nominations.

"Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" opens

The original Broadway production opened at the Belasco Theatre, but had mixed reviews and closed after 30 previews and 69 performances. It was nominated for 3 Tony Awards and 6 Drama Desk Awards. With a new direction and production design, the musical transferred to London and opened at the Playhouse Theatre in January 2015, where it received mixed to positive reviews.

Usher divorces Tameka Foster after 2 years

Usher filed for divorce from Foster in Atlanta. The divorce was legally finalized in Fulton County Court. This preceded a highly publicized child custody dispute spanning three years, which ultimately culminated in 2012, with a judge awarding Usher primary custody of his two sons with Foster.

Tom Clancy's EndWar is released

Tom Clancy's EndWar is a real-time tactics game designed by Ubisoft Shanghai for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows platforms. The Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable versions feature turn-based tactics instead of the real-time tactics of their console counterparts.

Barack Obama is elected as America’s first black president

Barack Obama was a 44th President of the U.S. He is known for his reform commonly referred to as Obamacare or promotion of LGBT rights. His 1st executive orders focused on a military troops withdrawal from Iraq and closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is released

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is a first-person shooter video game, the story of which takes place during the Pacific War. It is the 7th installment of the Medal of Honor series. It introduced some new features to the franchise, such as recovering health by calling the corpsman, and the ability to order squad members to find give covering fire, regroup, move up and fall back.


One of the greatest World Series of all time

The New York Yankees lost the World Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was the second time in five years that a team lost the World Series after taking a lead into the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7.

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" premieres

The movie had its world premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square in London with the cinema arranged to resemble Hogwarts School. The movie was greatly received at the box office. In the US, it made $32.3 million on its opening day, breaking the single-day record previously held by Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. On the second day of release, the film's gross increased to $33.5 million, breaking the record for the biggest single day again.

Israeli Prime Minister is fatally shot

A former Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli ultra-nationalist at the end of a rally in support of the Oslo Accords in Tel Aviv, as the assassin substantially opposed the signing of the agreement and Rabin's peace initiative.

Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore is arrested

After a show in Denver, Martin Gore was arrested for playing loud music at the Westin Hotel. He was repeatedly asked to turn down the music, so the other guests could sleep. Gore left the police office in the morning, just a few hours after his arrest.

Broadway star Mary Martin dies

Mary Virginia Martin was an American actress, singer, and Broadway star. Martin died 4 weeks before her 77th birthday of cancer at her home in Rancho Mirage, California. She is buried in City Greenwood Cemetery in Weatherford, Texas.

Elton John scores his 50th UK chart hit

Elton John scores his 50th UK chart hit, as his single Sacrifice from the album Sleeping with the Past enters the charts. He was the 3rd singer to achieve this feat after Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley.

Compaq introduces the forerunner of the laptop

The Compaq Portable was announced in 1982 and first shipped in 1983, priced at the US $2,995 (equivalent to $7,200 in 2016) with a single half-height 5¼" 360 kB diskette drive or $3,590 for dual diskette drives. The 28 lb (13 kg) Compaq Portable folded up into a luggable case the size of a portable sewing machine.


English motorcycle racer Guy Martin is born

Guy Martin's 1st job was as a heavy vehicle mechanic, which he retained since. He started racing in 1998 and debuted on road circuits at the Isle of Man TT events. Besides racing, he also presents programs on diverse engineering topics and hosts a series called Speed with Guy Martin.

Iran hostage crisis

Hundreds of Iranian students storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking more than 60 American hostages


Portuguese footballer Luís Figo is born

Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo OIH is a retired Portuguese professional footballer who played as a midfielder for Sporting CP, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. He won 127 caps for the Portugal national team, a record at the time but later broken by Cristiano Ronaldo. Figo is regarded as one of the greatest players of his generation.

American rapper P. Diddy is born

P. Diddy was born in Harlem and raised in Mount Vernon in New York. Before founding his label Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993, he worked as a talent director at Uptown Records. His debut album No Way Out was certified platinum for 7 times. He also won 3 Grammy Awards and 2 MTV Video Music Awards.

American actor Matthew McConaughey is born

Matthew McConaughey was first noticed in the comedy Dazed and Confused. Among other things, he is known for his roles in romantic comedies or HBO series True Detective, for which he won the Critics' Choice Television Award and TCA Award.

John Lennon utters his infamous line

The Beatles were invited to play the Queen's annual Royal Variety Performance. For the last song they performed, Lennon asked the crowd for help: "The people in the cheaper seats, clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you’d just rattle your jewelry."

Human ancestor

Human evolution is the evolutionary process that led to the emergence of anatomically modern humans, beginning with the evolutionary history of primates – in particular, genus Homo – and leading to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species of the hominid family, the great apes. This process involved the gradual development of traits such as human bipedalism and language, as well as interbreeding with other hominins, which indicate that human evolution was not linear but a web.

T. S. Eliot wins Nobel Prize for literature

Thomas Stearns Eliot was a British essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic, and "one of the twentieth century's major poets". Eliot regarded Four Quartets as his masterpiece, and it is the work that led to his being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. It consists of four long poems.

Great Mississippi Flood

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 was the most destructive river flood in the history of the United States, with 27,000 square miles (70,000 km2) inundated up to a depth of 30 feet (9 m). To try to prevent future floods, the federal government built the world's longest system of levees and floodways.

Insignificant pharaoh

English Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered king Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Its inner shrines remained intact, although it was robbed twice shortly after pharaoh’s death. King Tut wasn’t very powerful and his grave was relatively poor when compared to other pharaohs. Even so, the discovery caused a sensation.

Barbie inventor is born

Ruth Handler was an American businesswoman and inventor. Her most known invention is the Barbie doll. Handler noticed that her pre-teen daughter likes to play with paper dolls which looked like adults. She liked to put clothes on them, but it was difficult. Handler, therefore, designed a better doll for this purpose – the Barbie.

Critic of nuclear weaponry is born

Polish physicist Joseph Rotblat, during World War 2, worked on both the British and American nuclear weapon projects. After the war he studied nuclear fallout. He became opponent of nuclear weapons. His work led to Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which prohibited all test detonations of nuclear weapons except for those conducted underground.

The first cash register is patented

An early mechanical cash register was invented by James Ritty and John Birch following the American Civil War. The Ritty Model I was invented in 1879 after seeing a tool that counted the revolutions of the propeller on a steamship. With the help of James' brother John Ritty, they patented it in 1883.

Five month journey from Missouri

In 1841, the Bartleson–Bidwell Party, led by Captain John Bartleson and John Bidwell, became the first American emigrants to attempt a wagon crossing from Missouri to California. It was a journey of 2,008 miles for a single summer and fall, by oxen or horse or mules at 15 miles a day, which meant a voyage of about five months.

W.A. Mozart's Symphony No. 36 premieres in Austria

The Symphony No. 36 in C major, K. 425, known as the Linz Symphony, was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during a stopover in the Austrian town of Linz on his and his wife's way back home to Vienna from Salzburg in late 1783. The première in Linz took place in November 1783.

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