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Japan Post made its debut on Tokyo Stock Exchange

Shares of Japan Post surged nearly 26 percent in their trading debut after the company and its banking and insurance units raised a combined 1.44 trillion yen ($11.9 billion) in the world's biggest initial public offering this year. It was the biggest sale of shares since Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings raised $25 billion in 2014.

Barack Obama is elected as America’s first black president

Barack Obama was a 44th President of the U.S. He is known for his reform commonly referred to as Obamacare or promotion of LGBT rights. His 1st executive orders focused on a military troops withdrawal from Iraq and closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Israeli Prime Minister is fatally shot

A former Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli ultra-nationalist at the end of a rally in support of the Oslo Accords in Tel Aviv, as the assassin substantially opposed the signing of the agreement and Rabin's peace initiative.

Compaq introduces the forerunner of the laptop

The Compaq Portable was announced in 1982 and first shipped in 1983, priced at the US $2,995 (equivalent to $7,200 in 2016) with a single half-height 5¼" 360 kB diskette drive or $3,590 for dual diskette drives. The 28 lb (13 kg) Compaq Portable folded up into a luggable case the size of a portable sewing machine.

The first cash register is patented

An early mechanical cash register was invented by James Ritty and John Birch following the American Civil War. The Ritty Model I was invented in 1879 after seeing a tool that counted the revolutions of the propeller on a steamship. With the help of James' brother John Ritty, they patented it in 1883.

Five month journey from Missouri

In 1841, the Bartleson–Bidwell Party, led by Captain John Bartleson and John Bidwell, became the first American emigrants to attempt a wagon crossing from Missouri to California. It was a journey of 2,008 miles for a single summer and fall, by oxen or horse or mules at 15 miles a day, which meant a voyage of about five months.

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