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The first version of Mozilla Firefox is released

Firefox was released in 2004 and was highly successful with 60 million downloads within nine months, which was the first time that Internet Explorer's dominance was challenged. Firefox is considered the spiritual successor of Netscape Navigator, as the Mozilla community was created by Netscape in 1998 before their acquisition by AOL.

East Germany permanently opens the Berlin Wall

The East German regime announced 10 new border crossings, including the significant locations of Potsdamer Platz, Glienicker Brücke, and Bernauer Straße. The Berlin Wall was demolished over the following days and weeks.

The first issue of Rolling Stone magazine is published

Rolling Stone magazine was founded in San Francisco by Jann Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason. The first issue was in newspaper format with a lead article on the Monterey Pop Festival. In the beginning, the magazine was known for its musical coverage and for political reporting by Hunter S. Thompson.

Night of Broken Glass

Kristallnacht or Reichskristallnacht, also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, Reichspogromnacht or simply Pogromnacht, and Novemberpogrome, was a pogrom against Jews throughout Nazi Germany on 9–10 November 1938, carried out by SA paramilitary forces and German civilians. The German authorities looked on without intervening. The name Kristallnacht comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues were smashed.

Medici Family is expelled from Florence

Pieros poor handling of the situation and failure to negotiate better terms led to an uproar in Florence, and the Medici family fled. Their palazzo was looted, and the substance, as well as the form of the Republic of Florence, was re-established, with the Medici formally exiled. A member of the Medici family was not to rule Florence again until 1512.

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