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X-y position indicator

American engineer Douglas Engelbart patented his device for controlling a computer using detection of two-dimensional motions on the flat surface. The device had a long, tail-like cable. So Engelbart and his colleagues called it “mouse.” The body of the first computer mouse was made of wood. It had only one button.

Data processing pioneer dies

American inventor Herman Hollerith died. He constructed the electromechanical tabulating machine. It was capable of summarizing data stored on punched cards. Hollerith developed the machine when he was working for the U. S. Census Bureau. Later he started his Tabulating Machine Company, which later developed in IBM.

Shortcut to India

French Empress Eugénie opened the Suez Canal. Its construction took only ten years. The canal reduced journey from North Atlantic to the Indian Ocean by 7000 kilometers. Its original length was 164 kilometers. Suez Canal has two parts, north and south. They are divided by Great Bitter Lake. The lake is used for turning by the ships.

Famous topologist is born

German mathematician and astronomer August Möbius was born. He made many contributions to mathematics. Most famous of them is the Möbius strip. It is a surface with only one side. It can be made by taking a paper strip, giving it a half twist and joining the ends. You can check that it has only one side with a pencil.

Anniversaries of the (in)famous

born 1902

Eugene Wigner

born 1968

Robin Li