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Kwekwe stadium stampede

A stampede occurred at Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, killing 11 and injuring 40 people. Reuters reported that around 30,000 people attended a religious service officiated by Walter Magaya. After the service, the crowd left toward a single exit in a stampede, killing 4 immediately; 7 others were pronounced dead at a hospital.

The MGM Grand fire

The MGM Grand fire occurred at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada. The fire killed 85 people, most through smoke inhalation. The tragedy remains the worst disaster in Nevada history, and the 3rd worst hotel fire in modern U.S. history, after the 1946 Winecoff Hotel fire in Atlanta that killed 119 people and the San Juan Dupont Plaza Hotel fire in 1986 in which 97 perished.

The Birmingham pub bombings

The Birmingham pub bombings occurred when bombs exploded in two public houses in central Birmingham, England. The explosions killed 21 people and injured 182 others. The Provisional Irish Republican Army has never officially admitted responsibility for the Birmingham pub bombings, but a former senior officer of the organization confessed to their involvement in 2014.