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One of the biggest planned mergers is scrapped

BHP Billiton announced it was seeking to purchase rival mining group Rio Tinto Group in an all-share deal. The initial offer of 3.4 shares of BHP Billiton stock for each share of Rio Tinto was rejected by the board of Rio Tinto for "significantly undervaluing" the company. The bid was withdrawn due to a global recession.

Japan and Germany sign the Anti-Comintern Pact

The pact was directed against the communist Third International. Germany and Japan agreed on potential steps, in case of an attack by the Soviet Union. They also agreed not to make any political treaties with the Soviet Union and Germany agreed to recognize Manchukuo.

The Battle of Montgisard

The Battle of Montgisard was fought between the Ayyubids and the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The 16-year-old King Baldwin IV, seriously afflicted by leprosy, led an out-numbered Christian force against the army of Saladin. The Muslim army was quickly routed and pursued twelve miles.

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