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The deadliest industrial disaster

The Bhopal gas tragedy was a gas leak incident at the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. It was considered as of 2010 to be the world's worst industrial disaster. The official immediate death toll was 2,259. The government of Madhya Pradesh confirmed a total of 3,787 deaths related to the gas release.

Eleven people are killed in a stampede after The Who concert

The Who concert disaster occurred when British rock band the Who performed at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, and a stampede of concert-goers outside the coliseum's entry doors resulted in the deaths of eleven people. Twenty-six other people reported injuries.

The Montreux Casino in Switzerland burns to the ground

Predominantly jazz casino, located in Montreux, Switzerland, burned down during a concert by The Mothers of Invention. The cause of the fire was flare gun from one of the fans. The song Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple is about the incident.