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MySpectroom is a unique video service that draws from many sources to correlate millions of videos and mutually link them through context and time.

MySpectroom does not compete with other search engines. Our aim is not to enable better and easier video searches, but rather to provide a fun, interesting and educative journey to that destination.


Miloš Petana

Milos is the creator of MySpectroom.com. As chairman of the Management Board, he plays a lead role in driving the company's strategy, content, growth and overall operations. He co-founded TV Prima (formerly Premiera TV), the first private Czech television channel where he also served as CEO, and subsequently established the first and largest Czech video website, Stream.cz, where he was both CEO and investor. He currently owns Video Universe, the leading investor in MySpectroom.com, and is co-owner of the biggest Czech record label, Supraphon.

Pavel Morávek

Pavel studied Automation Control and Informatics at Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic. After completing his studies, he began developing a web service that allows users to organize their favorite online videos. With the help of an associate and the backing of investor, Y Soft Ventures, he brought the service to life under the name OrganizeTube.

He is now a managing director on the Spectroom project and leads the Brno-based team of developers and content editors.

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