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We give users a glimpse into the millions of real world topics in their natural context. All this in fun and engaging way and through videos.

Our universe is a real world and its dimensions, including time and all fields of human knowledge. We want them to be revealed so that everyone enjoys walking through them, whether because they want to educate themselves, to explore or just to have fun.


See what's happening now and what important events occurred on this day in history. Come back every day to see your daily portion from the total of 15,000 topics we have carefully prepared for you.


5.5 millon topics sorted by popularity. All connected together using relevant relations.

Since we are in BETA, we are still working to improve our service. A lot of work has been done, but there is still a lot to do. Help us out or give us feedback, we'll be grateful!

Explore 5.5 millions of topics. Discover 80 millions of connections.

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